BMTEI has created a VIP service for all AMS certified teachers to meet the need for continuing professional development and maintenance of AMS membership.

BMTEI will provide the following services to all Chinese AMS-certified teachers who enroll in our program.:

Provide annual membership renewal and membership fee payment services for teachers who have obtained AMS certificate;

AMS teacher qualification certificate upgrade application
AMS provides different levels of teacher credentials. If you have obtained AMS teacher qualification certificate before completing your undergraduate degree, you can apply for upgrading. We can help you to review the relevant documents, submit the upgrade application, and forward payment of the required AMS fees.

Application for reissue of documents
If your AMS teacher qualification certificate is damaged or lost, we can assist you to complete the application for a replacement certificate and forward payment of the AMS fee on your behalf.

Professional Development
Provide learning opportunities and certificates to meet the AMS 50 hours over 5 years requirements for continuing professional development.

VIP members can enjoy discounts for all public lectures, conferences, BMTEI WeChat webinars and online courses, and obtain the corresponding professional development hours certificate.

Electronic Document Management
We provide electronic document management for PD certificates and remind you when your membership or certification need to be renewed.

Application for verification documents
If you need written proof of the validity of your AMS teacher's qualification certificate, AMS can issue verification documents, including the level of your certificate, the training program you participated in, the date of graduation and a brief outline of the course content. BMTEI can help you complete the application and forward payment of the relevant fees.

Conference news
BMTEI will keep you informed of upcoming conferences within China and internationally. We can assist with forwarding payments for international events.

BMTEI VIP fee: RMB 2200/5years