In 2021, BMTEI received approval from AMS to offer this internationally certified course.   Learners who successfully complete their coursework  will receive the  American Montessori Society (AMS) course completion certificate.  

BMTEI became the first training school in China to receive the International Certification of the Introduction to Montessori Classroom Practice course (IMCP2.5-6).  This course is designed for adult learners interested exploring Montessori's educational methods and concepts. It is designed for Montessori class assistant teachers, administrators, and parents interested in Montessori.   The IMCP2.5-6 course provides adult learners with the educational tools to support children's learning and growth using Montesssori Methods and theories.

Courses total: 60 hours, including 30 hours of online modules with 4 hours of observational assignments, 14 hours of real-time online communication sessions, and 16   hours of offline courses. Each online module can be learned independently, and we also provide the opportunity to communicate with instructors online, answer questions, and further analyze the content of the course.  This course will improve your understanding of Montessori philosophy and practice and help you to work more effectively with children.

Course content:

Online class
:: Montessori Children's View
:: Learning environment
:: Role of the Teacher
(Includes observation and online discussion)

face-to-face instruction
* Montessori material presentations

Course requirements:
-The minimum learning period for completing the IMCP course is 1.5 months and includes face-to-face modules, online self-study modules and online mentoring.

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