Introduction to the course

This course is designed for adult learners interested exploring Montessori's educational methods and concepts for our youngest learners. It is designed for Montessori class assistant teachers, administrators, and parents interested in Montessori. The IMCP (0-3) course provides adult learners with the educational tools to support children's learning and growth using Montesssori methods and theories.

Course content:

Montessori’s child-centered philosophy is explored as it pertains to children in the first three years of life. We will explore how to create physical and psychological environments that show respect for the child and the nurturing of his physical, intellectual and emotional development.



Online class

:: Montessori Children's View

:: Learning environment

:: Role of the Teacher

(Includes observation and online discussion)

Course requirements:

-The minimum learning period for completing the IMCP course is 1.5 months and includes an online self-study course and live online sessions with an instructor.

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