The Early Childhood program at BMTEI is MACTE-accredited and affiliated by AMS and is conducted in English and Chinese with translation.

We prepare adults to work with children from the ages of 2.5 through 6 years old. Adult learners will develop a deep understanding of typical child development in the social, emotional, physical and intellectual domains. Adult learners will practice observation, analysis and reflection to assess children’s achievements and design curricula to meet their needs. Classroom and materials design projects ensure that the graduate is able to easily step into a leadership role. We emphasize inclusion and collaborative, inquiry-based experiences that respect each child’s learning style.

Academic Phase – 340 hours

Practicum Phase

9-month internship (5 days a week) in a Montessori classroom with field supervision
4 seminars accompany the internship during the Practicum phase.

PRACTICUM: minimum of 540 hours, 5 days a week.

Weekend Seminars (x4) take place concurrent with Practicum during the holidays or weekends.

BMTEI Summer 2021 Program Schedule(Click to view)

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